Als Managerin denke ich in Chancen und Alternativen & setze diese um.

Auszug von Empfehlungen

Juliane shows strong people leadership skills. Her open mind for alternative and state of the art people management methods combined with Julianes positive mindset and ability to give constructive feedback, supports the individual development of her employees and colleagues alike. Additionally I was very impressed by Julianes approach to improve the Agile capabilities within Zurich Switzerland, especially the trustful and sensitive handling of the topic combined with creating high transparency about the facts.
Lukas Kots, Senior Project Manager, Zurich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG, Schweiz
I had the privilege of working with Juliane at Manjushri Di-Chen Buddhist Learning Center, a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. While there, I learned Juliane is a person with an amazing work ethic and management and administrative skills. She approaches all of her projects with compassion, determination, and innovative solutions to the issues she addresses. Juliane was able to produce ideas that created long-lasting, sustainable change at the monastery while remaining culturally sensitive.
Mechy Estevez, Koordinator, US Fund für UNICEF, USA
I … would like to take this opportunity to strongly recommend Juliane as a dedicated and fantastic Head of Project Management. She has always been a result oriented, helpful and committed manager and superior. Especially her engagement in the crisis management of my projects was outstanding. I was impressed by her ability to capture new information and technological contexts and ideas.
Thomas Mehlitz, Project Manager, Axpo Kompogas AG, Schweiz
Juliane worked for me in the role of project head. Additionally she was entitled to the change process to implement and lead the Project Management Office in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. She was very capable to motivate and convince all management stakeholders to use the newly provided framework and innovative approaches, especially based on the added values, Juliane has provided with her work. …The overall results show due to her work a very positive trend. I made countless good experiences, and I can recommend her with all my heart for leading roles in organizational change projects and the project management business.
Andreas Emlinger, CEO, Butos Holding AG, Schweiz
Working for more than 2 years now in Juliane’s Group of Project Managers, I’ve got to know her as a very committed manager, always pushing the company forward in the area of PM. Her outstanding communication- and social skills allowed her to achieve a lot of improvements where other managers failed before her. As my personal manager, I made countless good experiences, and I can recommend her with all my heart.
Roger Aeppli, Teamleiter, Trivadis AG, Schweiz
Juliane achieved to improve the relationship between Day and Unic. The partnership moved to a Premium Level in a very short time. Beside her pragmatical and analytical approach against complex business situations, she has also very good communication skills that helped us to improve the partnership and also customer relations. I hope we can repeat this experience also in the future!
Angelo Buscemi, Country Manager (Switzerland & Austria), Adobe Systems, Schweiz
Juliane is a fantastic person to work with. Strong professional. I enjoyed working with her on the various projects we took on. Very positive attitude towards work.

Highlights in detail:
– Strong knowledge and New Thinking in Transformation & Change
– Entrepreneurship with experimental & agile approach, always being pragmatic and down to earth

Cordula Winter-Schweizer, Head Customer Experience, Zurich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG, Schweiz