Project Description

Philosophical Contemplations – Wood Sculptures

The wood sculptures directly relate to the underlying acrylic and oil paintings. I extracted the essence and transferred it into a plastic form. The sculptures can intensify the essence close to the painting or carry it to another area.

The individual parts of the sculpture “Family between Benevolent Dictatorship, Anarchy, Estrangement, and Love,” captured in this photographic documentary, represent a part of the essence I extracted: the female family members. They have rounded shapes, soft shapes, polished by life, flexible and adaptive, balancing. They are strung one above the other according to their human age, protecting each other, but sometimes overwhelming each other as well. Each appears in its individual form and color, but in a socially pseudo-legitimated order, from which it is necessary to emancipate oneself, to live its own life and to take its own development.

Familie zwischen wohlwollender Diktator, Anarchie, Abkehr und Liebe (2019)